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MIT Offers Documentary Photography and Photojournalism Course for Free Online

It’s not unusual for colleges with large open-source programs to put out a number of courses free for the world to browse through online. In the past we’ve featured courses from both MITand Stanford.

Today, we have a new course from MIT. Taught in the Spring semester of 2009, this course came a full two years later than the original MIT course we shared and is packed full of useful information for anybody interested in photojournalism.

Published through MIT’s Open Courseware project, Prof. B. D. Colen’s Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images of a World in Motion course gives you a chance to benefit from a photography course given at the storied Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

With syllabus, readings, assignments, image gallery and course material downloads available, the class has everything you need to walk yourself through the world of documentary photography and photojournalism one step at a time.

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Mykki Blanco in JeanPaul Gaultier for WAD Magazine Photography : Julot Bandit Stylist : JeanPaul Paula Style assistant : Marine backer , Ludovic leger Hair : Elika Bavar Make up : Yann Boussand Larcher II Make up assistant : Tania Monterosso


Minor Threat (1982) by Rebecca Hammel

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There’s little doubt that the legacy of the 9/11 terrorist attacks has had a lasting impact on American civil liberties. The NSA surveillance scandal is just one example of how far certain law enforcement and intelligence agencies are willing to go when it comes to spying on American citizens.

But while NSA officials were trawling through millions of phone records, a unit of the New York City Police Department was engaging in another kind of mass surveillance. As an Associated Press investigation later revealed, an NYPD taskforce called the “Demographics Unit” and later “Zone Assessment Unit” spent several years cataloguing mosques, setting up surveillance cameras at community events, and cultivating a network of informants to dish on the everyday activities of New Yorkers of the Muslim faith.

Last week, the NYPD shuttered the controversial unit. But lest we miss out on understanding the true scope of the NYPD’s efforts, data artist and Dronestream creator Josh Begley went digging into documents obtained by the AP for visual clues. He found hundreds of photos taken of Muslim-owned businesses—pizza places, falafel joints, mosques, and body shops—and threw them into one chilling collage, appropriately titled

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Josef Bartuška  (1898 – 1963)
z cyklu Stínohry,   1930s

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Rubber beauty masks, worn to remove wrinkles and blemishes, 1921

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Breathe Easy (RMIT Brunswick), 2014

data-bending copy + overlay of original

data-bending sky photo


John Stanmeyer, of VII, was awarded World Press Photo of the Year 2013, this morning. Read about his winning image here.

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